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I have the pleasure to announce my participation with over 12 drawings in this exhibition named "Dialogues" at the Bandjoun station and by being invited by Barthélémy Toguo ! I'm so honored to be included in it ! Curators: Germain Noubi and Carine Djuidje

The Dialogue exhibition (s) presents portraits by 22 artists. Each appropriates this pictorial genre in its own way, either the drawings by David Hockney, Salifou Lindou Ginette Daleu, Stephan Balkenhol, Jannis Kounellis, Romeo Zegang, Ats Oup, Boris Nzebo and Valery Grancher; painting for Tatgedes, Hevies, Marie-Françine Dongmo Marc Padeu Patrice Kemplo, Jean David Nkot, Hervé Yamguen, Peggy Viallat-Langlois, and Willy Kezi or photography to Joana Choumali, Ishola Akpo, Roman Opalka, and Leila Alaoui . By exposing young local artists alongside larger, Bandjoun Station realizes one of his missions, that of promoting and contributing to the vitality of contemporary art of Camerun. These portraits are more than just a representation of reality, they are a reflection of identity, whether asserted or merely mentioned. Despite contexts, techniques, various ornaments, each of us can identify with those faces, in their eyes.

Curators: Germain Noubi and Carine Djuidje.



Stephan Balkenhol


David Hokney


Marie Francine Dogmo



Salifou Lindou

John David Nkot

Romeo Lionel Zegang

Marc Padeu

Hervé Yamguen

Ginette Daleu

Patrice Kemplo

Ivory Coast

Joana Choumali


Peggy Viallat Langlois

Valery Grancher


Boris Nzebo


Jannis Kounellis


Leila Alaoui

Democratic Republic of Congo

Willy Kezi


Roman Opalka


Ats Oup

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