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Net Art pieces back online after 22 years ! was hosted first on on 1994. It was one of the first net art piece. Today this website done in html and gif is saved on an hard drive. In this gallery you will find screenshot as documents about it. It may be back on line at on January 1st 2017 "(...) I work mostly with media of all kinds, from video, photography, paintings, sometimes advertisement, marketing via Internet and this rebounding relationship with a reality of mediation perceived at the individual level triggers my interest, more than the one understood subjectively or in a phenomenological way, that is concomitant realities, whether collective or societal which intersect, their interactions with identity, memory, temporality, a given space. The Internet is a rather specific media because it allows strange situations as I said earlier which correspond to moments of 24hours, localized or global spaces confronted to a location and one individual experience. I certainly consider the Internet at a more symbolic level in relationship to our daily reality - I do not belong to a technological system which consists of generating new technologies to be grafted upon the Internet and thus supports the modern, progressive or positivist orders- I am only interested in the human experience brought up by this particular media. (...)"

Theses pieces may be seen on this website on the Net Art gallery ...

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