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"Somewhere Sometimes" 20 years !

20 years ago one of my artwork as a message has left Earth bound to reach Titan (one of the Saturn moon) on 2005. " Somewhere sometimes" is an artwork made as a message.

This artwork was on the CD ROM to be flown to Titan onboard ESA'S Huygens space probe mission called Cassini (This CD ROM is a collection of messages and signatures. It was originally an open call for messages to Titan on ESA website on 1997. I created a bot that fulfilled all the CD rom with my message "Somewhere Sometimes"). Cassini spacecraft mission left Earth bound for Saturn on October 15 1997 with its CD ROM. Finally it has arrived on January 14 2005 after a 7 years journey through solar system: 4 billion kilometers ! To record this performance a webpage was produced: And an oil painting

"Somewhere sometimes"

Valéry Grancher 1997 - 2005

"Somewhere Sometimes" Oil on canvas 60 x 110 cm Valéry Grancher 2005

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