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"Ghosts in the Shell" and "Artists ghosts"

1- "Ghosts in the Shell" Statement:

A portrait, a word, or a landscape photo is uploaded in Google deep dream neuronal computer and Artificial Intelligence system ... To reach level 1 you need to upload your picture, then upload back the result during 10 round to reach level 2, 11 rounds to reach level 3, 12 for level 4 and so on so on... The point is to go deeper and deeper as we can in Google deep dream ! The last picture and last level is the last one calculated before the system crashed... Each level is becoming more complex to calculate... Each picture of each level is saved, they are the ones you can see in this gallery... This process is a way to deal on ironical way about Artificial Intelligence and the way they may dream about our face or our environment by using surveillance camera, and face recognition system. The result is worst than kitschy and quite psychedelic as a LSD hallucination, and is defining another kind of aesthetic generated by Artificial intelligence.

It is also reminding on ironical way some tradition from century ago like Arcimboldo the Italian painter from 16 Th century or Hieronymus Bosch...

These artificial hallucination, more deeper they are, they're becoming Ghost in the Shell By the way it's also questioning the painting practice when an algorithm may produce a painting like Art History masters. Valéry Grancher 2015 - Today You may see all the series on this gallery "Ghosts in the Shell"

"Dream 4 level 11" 2- "Artists ghosts"


Google Deep Dream with Google Deep Style algorithm is now able to adopt different artists style. You have to use it with a reference artist image, and then a photo you would like see as a painting, and the A I is producing your painting. "Artists ghosts" is an ironical term and project coming from the famous manga "Ghosts in the Shell" and is showing an Hong Kong island landscape painted by Google Deep Dream with different references such like Paul Cézanne, Van Gogh, Picasso, Emil Nolde, David Hockney among others... It may be a landscape, a portrait or whatever as a painting issue and topic. By the way A I is questioning on a certain way the painting practice and art history... And this project by being quite ironical is Iconoclastic.

Valéry Grancher 2017

The photo used for Google Deep Style and the result with Emil Nolde as a reference.

#Googledeepdream #Googledeepstyle #Conceptualart #Contemporaryart #arthistory #artificialintelligence

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