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Art Day September 22 2018, Aberdeen, Hong Kong. Tomorrow !!!

I have the pleasure to invite you to this Art Day, where you will be able to see my Monumental installation called "Concrete Forest" on Wong Chuk Hang Road, Aberdeen, Hong Kong: The installation is showing blue grey pipe as column in the street…

They’re symbolizing the flux and the Hong Kong vertical development. On then you have key words as «Social ranking »; « Surveillance »; « Dystopia », « Disruption »; « Power »; « Money » On them, you have also QR code allowing the visitors to access on their smart phones to videos dealing with Hong Kong urbanity.This installation as an urban public art project is questioning the typical Chinese urban development impacting deeply Shenzhen and now Hong Kong and many other cities.

This development is seen as a civilized enhancement by the Central power, and deeply criticized by the western countries. Whatever the opinion, we should have about it, it is a new paradigme of urbanity bringing number of ethics questions, concept etc (AI, Video surveillance and online social ranking)…The « New » thing in modernism is founding a a clear and pure topos for its Utopia. Today the « New » Thing is bringing instead of a pure topos, numbers of concepts and questions dense as a rainforest. By the way Hong Kong is surrounded by a rainforest, is also a kind of architecture forest as the new Topos. The blue grey verticale pipes by interacting on visual level with the Towers around, will question these forest Valéry Grancher 2018

With the support of:

Stepping into the 4th edition of our successful Art Day at South Island, Hong Kong Art Gallery Association (HKAGA) has established a new partnership with South Island Cultural District (SICD) to co-organize South Island Art Day on the 22nd of September. The partnership combining the two events will result in a South Island Art Day of a grander scale and greater success. 13 art spaces will join this bi-annual event, giving visitors the opportunity to attend exhibition openings, interact with local and international artists and experience performance art and contemporary dance inside gallery spaces. Art lovers can also join the guided tours organised by Accidental Art or adventure in the neighbourhood filled with exciting installations and street art. Complementary food and beverage from our Southside partners will be served in participating spaces. Families with children are welcome to express their creativity in the Kids’ Corner. Complete programme of the event can be found HERE. --- Date: Saturday, 22 September 2018 Time: 12 pm - 8 pm Venue: 13 art galleries and artist studios in Wong Chuk Hang and Tin Wan

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