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Digital Art Month Paris 2022

AR and XR Art is spreaded out all over Paris

Digital Art Month is Back to the Streets of Paris! For the entire month of June 2022, the streets of Paris are filled with augmented reality and video artworks. The second edition of Digital Art Month Paris presents an impressive selection of artworks that evoke messages of peace and #NOWAR!

The AR art is exhibited at the city's key landmarks and cultural institutions.Video works can be viewed on Clear Channel screens across the Parisian neighborhoods.

Digital Art Month Paris showcase the artworks by artists from all around the world such as Andrew Boyle, Lauren Moffatt, Sarah Ridgley, Acool55, Alexander Priymak, Andy Newmerge, Antonela Binaj, aurèce vettier, BeART, Botina, Carole Chainon, Denise Duhamel x Natalie Larrodé, Ekaterina Malakhova, Ger Killeen, Hermine Bourdin,Ilithya, Inverse, Immersive KIND with PROJECT AVE x Assaf Reeb, Jérémy Griffaud,Jullian Young, Kamel Ghabte, Kate MacDonald, Katina Bitsicas, Kenxxxooo,Kushtrim Juniku, Leantara, Louis-Paul Caron, Ls528, Maria Agureeva, Mona Birkas, Morteeeza, Nacoca Ko, Natasha Gubernov, Paula Casado, Pierre Gervois, Polyptech, Psynodent, Ran Bensimon, Robert Richardson, Rogue Simian, Ronen Tanchum,Rosa Hirn, Sarah Ridgley, Sasha Stiles + Technelegy, Tabitha Swanson, RM Udhayan, Kalen Iwamoto and Valéry Grancher.

This year the festival is organized and curated by Elena Zavelev, Andrea Steuer of CADAF & Jess Conatser of Studio As We Are in partnership with Beaux Arts and Cie. Digital Art Month Paris 2022 presents a special selection of visual poetry curated in collaboration with theVERSEverse.

Special thank you to our partners: Artsper, Tezos, Clear Channel, Vélib Metropole, XR+and Niio. Visit our website to see a sneak peek of the artworks and view the art map: See you in Paris!

The Hope Machine by Andrew Boyle Wind of Freedom by Louis-Paul Caron

Lumen Prize for Art and Technology Lumen Prize at Brighton Digital Festival CADAF is the proud sponsor of Lumen's Student Award this year. Founded in 2012, Lumen has distributed more than US$100,000 in prize money and created opportunities with partners worldwide for its community of artists who have been longlisted, shortlisted or won awards. Find out more here -

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