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"Evolution—Nouveau Territoire" FOSUN FONDATION

Dernière mise à jour : 3 juin 2020

"Evolution—Nouveau Territoire"

2019 Opline Prize Special China Exhibition

Honorary Curator: Dominique Perrault 

On the occasion of the 55th anniversary of bilateral ties between China and France, the 11th edition of the French contemporary art award Opline Prize will be holding its first Asia show in the Fosun Foundation Annex Space. In collaboration with Ascott Studio at the Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, this exhibition aims to build a dialogue between artists of different nations and generations using experimental media.

With the rapid development of modern society, the structure of megacities is tending toward “decentralization,” and evolving new “ecosystems,” constantly readjusting their pathways and outlines along vectors determined by migration, climate, and the optimization of resources and functions. Meanwhile, in these “moving cities,” the exploration of space and its boundaries, and the testing of social values and aesthetic standards, are giving rise to new questions.

The award-winning artists featured in this exhibition use different mediums and artistic forms to engage in unique interpretations of these issues. Valéry Grancher (France) uses spatiotemporal experiences and VR technology to define new visual aesthetics and moral viewpoints. Salomé Chatriot (France) creates interactive digital videos with the body and scientific data. Special guest artist Chen Junkai uses audiovisual creations to create an “immersive theater” space, constructing interwoven and diverse sensory experiences, while using Wave, an artwork created by Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts students Wan Yunfei and Lin Renjia, to allude to his themes. The creations of special guest artist Thomas Garnier (France) set out from the cultural identity issues in architecture. The decontextualized “migration” taking place in the real world has left him skeptical of modern architectural aesthetics.

Executive Curator: ZENG Ye

Artistic Consultant: Caroline Boudehen

Opline Founders : Michèle Robine & Philippe Bernard Opline

Artistic Director : Aleksandra Smilek 

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