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New Collection! CADAF Paris x Infinite Objects

Excited to be a part of this female-led and curated Infinite Objects Video Print Collection in collaboration with CADAF Paris. Details below and be sure to head to to shop the collection! This collection of Video Prints harnesses the power of 6 female digital art focused curators and their undeniably strong connection with the artwork they champion by the artists they love to work with. Welcome to our CADAF Paris Collection, a women-led collection of limited edition Infinite Objects in collaboration with CADAF (the Crypto and Digital Art Fair) & Digital Art Month Paris, curated in partnership with Studio As We Are, HERVISIONS, Sky Fine Foods & Creative Code Art. Each Video Print is brought to life by a female curator alongside her hand-picked new media artist.

Discover each dynamic piece and the voices behind it launching at the CADAF Online art fair, now open from June 17-23, 2021. Visit to snag a free ticket.

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