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"Cosmo Light"

Edition x/3


Space conquest has defined a new paradigme of space and landscape. By having deep universe high definition pictures from Hubble, or solar system space probe, we have a deeper visual experience of our universe. Our Earth planet is part of it orbiting around our star called the sun which is generating plasma in our atmosphere called aurora borealis, as you may find plasma in deep universe in the nebulae. Universe is quite like an alive being with its own flesh called light, time, gravitation. This video is depicting pictorially a kind of journey through this landscape as soundtrack, the different universe item radio sound. It's revealing a new perception of space and the way, we inhabit it....
It's also defining a new paradigm of landscape beyond the horizon...

Video Installation 7 min 47 sec.
Unique piece

Valéry Grancher 2020

"Cosmo Light"

3 000,00 €Prix
  • MP4 files 1080 x 720 compressed in ZIP 458 mb

  • 1 channel video projection with sound

    The installation uses 1 HD 1080p video projectors so the dimensions vary based on location.

    The video is sold without devices, devices should be ordered in supplement

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