Born in 1967, Valéry Grancher is a French-born artist, theorist, curator and lecturer, living and working in Paris and Hong Kong since 2014.

He first became well known in the mid-1990s for being one the first net artists (online art) and for his ‘Google paintings’ but his artistic practice is vast and covers internet art, video, photography, painting, AI painting and VR installation. Valéry Grancher is an explorer. His curiosity leads him to investigate all kinds of territories such as the different media and new technology to define new forms and concepts.

On 2014, the French public collection National Fund for Contemporary Art, National Centre for Visual Arts (FNAC) acquired his video installations Geopol (a 24-hour tracking shot of the horizon at the North Pole) and Tanguntsa (a 6-hour shot in deep Amazonia).

His productions are included in several public collections such like Cartier Foundation for contemporary arts (Paris), Maison Européenne de la photographie (Paris), Carillo Gil Museum (Mexico), Berkeley Art Museum Pacific Film Archive (Berkeley), ZKM (Karlsruhe), Bandjoune Station (Cameroon), VMAC (Hong Kong)  and many others...

Valéry Grancher has exhibited and gave performances in institutions worldwide, and his work is in numerous private and public collections.

"As you may see on my website, I'm using various media from paintings to new media because during all my life I perceived the world as a not linear one, but as a fabric of reality with parallel universes. As an artist, I had to deal with this nonlinear and multi-parallel universes by jumping from figuration to abstraction and sometimes new media, to give a kind of Quantic dimension of my productions! We are today in a post-medium condition and the main issue is not the medium itself (you may use as many as you want) but the way you're dealing with concept and forms, by inventing a new kind of game rules.

I guess that the most important thing is to focus my energy on the work and the way I'm moving through media and between them...

A simulation has no moral, prejudice, or meaning. Like nature, it just is, as facts. Art has the same behavior by being both a reality and a simulation! "

“Reality is that which doesn’t go away when you stop believing in it.” Philip K Dick

Valéry Grancher

Valéry Grancher Timeline:

- 1994: He's one if the first to put online Net Art pieces online with the support of the French provider imaginet.fr and Patrick Robin
A website was showing all of his net art productions 
called nomemory !
www.nomemory.org (re-activated on January 2017 !)
- 1998: He's the first to paint internet screen on canvas with oil as his "Webpaintings" series ("Google Paintings"): The first post-internet art piece
- 2007
:He was one the first to use his iPhone 1 to produce his paintings
- 2010: He was one of the first to produce his paintings with Ipad 1
- 2012: He's the first to assume to produce some of his paintings with Artificial Intelligences
- 2013: He's one of the first to certify his artworks through blockchain technologies and because this to see his productions having Bitcoin price reference
- 2016: He's the first in
the world to produce in Art Institution (K11 Hong Kong) VR Painting in the "Electronic vibes" exhibition context with Google Tilt Brush and HTC Vives technologies


Valéry Grancher is represented by:




- GVCC, Gallery, Casablanca, Morocco

Address : 25 Avenue Moulay Rachid, 20170 Casablanca Maroc
 Tel : +212 5223-66076
E-mail : info@gvcc.ma




他在90年代中期首次成为第一批网络艺术家(网上艺术)和他的“谷歌画作”,但他的艺术实践范围广泛,涵盖了互联网艺术,录像,摄影,绘画和装置。 ValéryGrancher是一位探险家。他的好奇心导致他调查各种领域,如不同的媒体和新技术,以确定新的形式和概念。


他的作品被收录在几个公共收藏中,如卡地亚当代艺术基金会(巴黎),巴黎欧洲艺术画廊(MaisonEuropéennede la photographie),墨西哥卡里洛吉尔博物馆,伯克利艺术博物馆太平洋电影资料馆(Berkeley),卡尔斯鲁厄ZKM, Bandjoune站(喀麦隆),VMAC(香港)等等......



模拟没有道德,偏见或意义。像大自然一样,它只是事实。艺术具有相同的行为,既是现实又是模拟! “





- 1994年:如果他是第一个将在线网络艺术作品与法国供应商imaginet.fr和Patrick Robin
- 1998年:他是第一个在油画上用油画油漆的互联网屏幕作为他的“Webpaintings”系列(“Google绘画”):第一个后互联网艺术作品
- 2007年:他是第一个使用iPhone 1制作他的作品的人
- 2010年:他是第一个用Ipad 1制作他的作品的人之一
- 2012年:他是第一个承担用人工智能制作他的一些绘画的人
- 2013年:他是第一批通过区块链技术认证他的作品的人之一,因为这可以看到他的作品具有比特币价格参考
- 2016年:他是世界上第一个在艺术机构(K11香港)生产的虚拟现实技术绘画,参加Google Tilt Brush和HTC Vives技术的“电子共鸣”展览






- GVCC,画廊,摩洛哥卡萨布兰卡

地址:25 Avenue Moulay Rachid,20170卡萨布兰卡摩洛哥
电话:+212 5223-66076


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