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"Refugees" tribute to Fayum portraits



These Fayum inspired portraits are mixing refugees portraits with the Fayum tradition to mean that refugees have their own cultural identity. Nationalist see these refugees as a kind of national identity aggression. By calling them 'migrants', they're loosing their own identity and status as victims. Because this the refugees see their rights denied. The drawing has sometimes QR code linked to online video footages about their exodus, sometimes linked to the source of the drawing. All of that to recontextualize the drawing in the media flux. I made these portraits to invite people to have empathy regarding them and to recognize the fact that they have to claim their rights as refugees to be integrated into the European countries instead of today when the European countries are treating them as worst as they can!
These series "Refugees" Fayum tribute is present in the Contemporary Art Museum, the Bandjoun Station in Senegal.


Valéry Grancher 2015- 2016

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