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V R 4D immersive paintings "Rainforest"

VR Installation, Google Tilt Brush


Produced with HTC Vives and Google Tilt brush application, during the world premiere in an Art institution regarding 4D VR paintings. Created during different performances as VR Art Jam at K11 Hong Kong in “Electronic vibes” exhibition context.



To paint a 4D immersive pictorial environment dedicated to the forest and rainforest at the post-media and post-painting time. The point is at the time that under globalization pressure deforestation is a mass destruction of our planet affecting our environment and climate. The focus of the VR Art Jam performance is to bring the nature virginity in an artificial environment such as VR. On an ironical way, an Eden land of mother nature is created in Virtual Worlds ... Virtual painting is a painting which doesn't exist, a kind of an Utopos painting whose topos is a virtual space.

On the other hands, we may link this practice to the Dioramas one in Art History. Charles Baudelaire during the middle of 19th century was enjoying them for their brutal beauty ...

And the most famous Diorama of the XX the century is certainly the piece by Marcel Duchamp: "1° la chute d'eau / 2° le Gaz d'éclairage"


At the bottom of the image you have a link to a video or an online VR 4D piece...


Valéry Grancher From 05/2016

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