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"The studio"

"The Studio "
VR Installation, Google Tilt Brush



The "Orbs" are produced with Google Tilt Brush and Oculus Rift. These are manual gestures in the virtual space, virtual textures and sometimes even words. The result of VR as a simulation, the still images produced go from sculpture to painting with a 3D perspective effect inside the abstract iconology as the result as a digital painting ...

For the project, the point is to model in the virtual space at scale 1/1 an artist studio and to realize with Google Tilt Brush in situ on this topos a work questioning the virtual studio. The telescoping of my art pieces place in a virtual studio will question the legacy of modernist utopia worn Roland Barthes who was saying that our world is becoming totally artificial!


At the time of post-internet, post-media, post-sculpture, and post-painting; Virtual Reality is a way to challenge all these practices through a new type of simulation and as Philip K Dick said: "The reality is what does not disappear when we stop believing in it. There is no morality, prejudice or meaning, it is like nature, on the other hand, Art has the same behavior by being both a reality and a simulation! "


Valéry Grancher 2018

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