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AI Paintings " My ghost in the Shell "


By mixing one photo and one of my painting, an AI based on a GAN algo is able to catch my painting style and to produce a painting as I do...
One series from my productions as "war", as paintings, watercolors, drawings and even my Google Tilt Brush VR paintings are used as references.
The photos as references are coming both from Daesh propaganda and the different online press publications and finally Google images ...
When we're knowing that war is today totally managed by big data and AI in the army, we have finally another AI depicting the worst they're producing...
Is that a beginning of human behavior with a new paradigm of catharsis?
This project is questioning painting through its practice and AI.
At the time of post-media, and post-internet, painter are challenged through their own practice by AI.
This is why this series is called "My ghost in shell"
And by inviting an AI to paint as I do, I'm validating the first counterfeit done by an AI and not a human!

What is interesting in a counterfeit is its fictive status... 
I am also exploring our perception of the artistic roles, played out by historical and contemporary artists and their works. Located somewhere between a painting, a print, a digital image and screen, I creates works that strive to transcend what painting is and can become and should be.

Valéry Grancher from 2013-2017

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