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All the pieces of this series are digital paintings (Artrage, Photoshop). It's dealing with a kind of abstraction iconology to mean the image status as immaterial files. We can see the human gesture as paintings, but there is no material, just a picture encoded on a screen. It is like water is becoming steam, a kind of immaterial water as a gas. Steam is the metaphor of these paintings. And they're named like that also as a kind of irony regarding abstraction.
To get then their carnation, they are all printed as Inkjet on canvas as unique pieces.
I re-animates the physical gesture of mark making. The historical practice of movement, expression, pigment and colour within painting are important for me. As I am exploring our perception of the artistic roles, played out by historical and contemporary artists and their works. Located somewhere between a painting, a print, a digital image and screen, I creates works that strive to transcend what painting is and can become.
The Print is exhibited as floating canvas or flags...
By floating canvas, I mean silk or synthetic silk floating canvas

Valéry Grancher 2015 - 2016

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