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AI Paintings "Artists ghosts"


Artificial Intelligence based on a GAN algo and images recognition is used to redo famous painters in Art History and Contemporary art paintings from a photo source. This AI is also processing my own painting style by creating my own ghost. This project is exploring AI technology on the ironical way especially when we're thinking, it may challenge the painter's practice!
In Post media, post-internet, and post painting times new paradigms are challenging our artistic practices.
And by inviting an AI to paint as the famous painter do, I'm validating the first counterfeit done by an AI and not a human!
What is interesting in a counterfeit is its fictive status... 

As I am exploring our perception of the artistic roles, played out by historical and contemporary artists and their works. Located somewhere between a painting, a print, a digital image and screen, I creates works that strive to transcend what painting is and can become and may be.

Valéry Grancher from 2016

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