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Tristes Tropiques

Statement "Tristes Tropiques":


In Europe, after the America colonization, since Louis XIV, the kings started to collect the exotic plants brought by the explorers. In the 19 century, some greenhouses (Like the serres tropicales of le jardin des plantes in Paris) were opened to the public, to show
what is a rainforest.
But these artificial rainforests are done like traditional occidental gardens and are not looking like the real ones... Today their meaning has changed, everybody through global media knows what is a rainforest. These greenhouses are like museums which are focusing what is disappearing in our real world...
I decided to make these photos 
series to opposite them to the one I did in deep Amazon rainforest, and they are showing this greenhouse as an artificial world like a kitsch dream...


Valéry Grancher 2011

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