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V R 4D Immersive paintings "Our Future"

VR Installation, Google Tilt Brush



With global warming, the Ice pack is melting, and our world will disappear under water. It will be a world of medusas!
At the time of the post-painting, post media, this topic is depicted in an ironical way with a 4D Immersive painting produced with the VR application Google Tilt Brush.
On the other hand, the digital simulation, the video games are reaching reality, and in our future, our nature will be a digital one because the natural one would be destroyed...
An ironical way by using the digital kitsch, these pieces are questioning this paradigm.

On the other hands, we may link this practice to the Dioramas one in Art History. Charles Baudelaire during the middle of 19th century was enjoying them for their brutal beauty ...

And the most famous Diorama of the XX the century is certainly the piece by Marcel Duchamp: "1° la chute d'eau / 2° le Gaz d'éclairage"


At the bottom of the images, you may a link to the online VR piece, or a video...

Valéry Grancher 2017

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