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"e-Residency Polis 180"

"Pandemics info data inside a conspiracist brain... "
VR Installation, Google Tilt Brush



These VR paintings were produced during Polis 180 "EU and data policies" in collaboration Clemens Meyer Zu Rheda in between November and December 2020. As a goal we were exploring the connection and (dis) similarities between the spread of a virus and the spread of fake-news.
A white paper was produced.

The piece statement:
During Covid 19 Pandemics, a huge health crisis has touched our World, it has provoked new politics in our democracies to stop it, with social distancing, lock down, and our individual freedom is not existing anymore. And Because this, many Orwellian conspiracies has emerged on social networks...
This VR painting is an allegory of a brain of this kind of conspiracist on ironical way, so in this // space called Virtual reality we are in a Brain with its energy and is looking like a new kind of cosmos specially when quantum physicist are saying that the brain network is looking like the Cosmos dark matter network,....

Valéry Grancher 2020

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