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V R 4D Immersive Paintings "War"

VR Installation, Google Tilt Brush



At the time of post-media and post-painting, it's interesting to question the image status and the painting practice itself.
This series is focusing on ISIS and Daesh war Horror which is directly linked to the nightmares of our human history. These images are used by the Occident democracies to increase security and reduce the individual freedoms. On the other hand, we can find this kind of imagery in video games that is inspiring the Isis and Daech propaganda 
to recruit jihadist! These pieces are focusing on this reality.
They are produced as Virtual Reality 4D immersive paintings objects through the application of Google Tilt Brush and Oculus Rift. Virtual painting is a painting which doesn't exist, a kind 
of a utopic painting whose topos is a virtual space.

On the other hands, we may link this practice to the Dioramas one in Art History. Charles Baudelaire during the middle of 19th century was enjoying them for their brutal beauty ...

And the most famous Diorama of the XX th century is certainly the piece by Marcel Duchamp : "1° la chute d'eau / 2° le gaz d'éclairage"

The 4D VR piece may be seen through the link at the bottom of each image.

Valéry Grancher from 2016

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