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AI Paintings "Deep Dreams"


Google technology has developed an AI based on images recognition called Google Deep dreams!
For this series, this technology was used to go as far as we can in the AI deep dreams...
Each level of calculations required dozen round of calculations, and the images re-injected in the system to reach the highest level until it crashes!
For each image source (a photo), the result for each level reached is shown in this gallery.
The result is a kind of visual freaks by producing a kind of images never seen before!
Soon an absurd and ironical way, this project is questioning the image status at the post-internet, post media time.

I am exploring our perception of the artistic roles, played out by historical and contemporary artists and their works. Located somewhere between a painting, a print, a digital image and screen, I creates works that strive to transcend what painting is and can become and may be.

Valéry Grancher 2014 - 2015


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