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"Anthro" is a series of works questioning our global world in friction with the premier native humans in the various rainforest, deserts, and territories.
There are some works questioning the acculturation, theatricalism cliché in postcolonialism and a specific project produced for Palais de Tokyo on 2005 "The shiwiars project".

"Theshiwiars projects" was produced for my solo exhibition at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, France, on November 2005. The point was to establish a link in between The Palais de Tokyo
context and a Jivaros community who has defined a new ethnic community called 
shiwiars, who is leaving in deep Amazon on the border in between Ecuador and Peru...
They founded their new ethnic community through an internet communication. It was one of the first time that a rainforest tribe is connected through this medium to the global world to make them visible as victims of deforestations.
I spent a few weeks alone with them by sharing their daily life to feed this project, the archives are on this blog:

Valéry Grancher 2005 - 2016

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