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Nationalism, fascism cultural regression are invading our nations and world, by lighting down our human spirit, value, and energy. Humanism is suffocating.


By being at postmodernism and post-medium and, also, by the way at the post-painting time, the choice was done to do not use the brush to paint, but software. These paintings by being a kind of metaphor of our times, are also a question about the object itself. Software paintings as an object are both a painting and an image. These series by assuming both a kind of gesture painting modernist tradition (abstract expressionism) and minimalism through geometric forms patterns are defining a kind of metaphor of our actual cultural situation where identity is mixed with liberalism defining a new kind of threat to freedom of expression...
I re-animates the physical gesture of mark making. The historical practice of movement, expression, pigment and colour within painting are important for me. As I am exploring our perception of the artistic roles, played out by historical and contemporary artists and their works. Located somewhere between a painting, a print, a digital image and screen, I am creating works that strive to transcend what painting is and can become.

Valéry Grancher 2017

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